Sunday, October 25, 2015

2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge 4/7

This was a fun one! Got out for a couple hours to bang around on my mountain bike. Riding on actual trails even!

A fun 20 mile ride, out my back door, and onto some great dirt. After that, dropped by Stell's coffee on the way home (mile 18) and picked up a Macchiato. And in the process learned that a Gibraltar is a Macchiato with a little more milk. Between that and a Cappuccino. Must get next time!

Starting here:

Oakmont Park

And ending up here:

No room to complain there!

1. Stell Coffee & Tea
2. 10/25/15
3. Macchiato
4. 20 mile round trip, with caffeine factory at mile 18.
5. Better look at the specifics of it:

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