Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge 6/7

Old California.
This one was all about the ride! A 37 mile mixed terrain route, over the hills and through the woods. It was an absolute blast, and had a tail wind blowing down San Timoteo Canyon at 15 mph just coasting! Glad it was a tailwind today!

Here's the route: My favorite portion that made the ride all worthwhile was the mile 20.5-22.7 Woodhouse Rd. portion of it. Just fantastic back roads through the canyons!

And oh yeah, ended up with another macchiato (theme within a theme!) at Bricks and Birch near downtown Redlands. Very good cup, as always!

Coffeeneuring Challenge 6/7

The details:

  1. Bricks and Birch coffee
  2. 11/7/15
  3. Macchiato
  4. A GREAT ride ending up ending up at an unexpectedly busy shop. Good for them, love seeing these businesses thriving!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge 5/7

Dia de Los Muertos @ OAM

Getting it done! Had my first decaf in this series today as things got out of hand a bit. The plan was to ride to my kid's school carnival this afternoon, then swing by coffee on the way back. Well, life happens and we ended up driving there. So switched plans around and did some errandeuring on the way to coffee to make it a full loop. Stopped by the library, dropped off/picked up, then rambled over to the Olive Ave Market which was hosting a Dia de los Muertos festival this afternoon. We didn't get there till 4:30, hence the decaf. But it as a really good macchiato (sends to be a theme!) and the blocked street gave it a real carnival atmosphere. They were beginning to clean up and roll up the welcome mat, so got there just in time! All in all, a success!!!

Library stop

Dia de Los Muertos @ OAM

Coffeeneuring 5/7 decaf macchiato @ OAM

The details:
1. Olive Avenue Market
2. 11/1/15
3. Decaf macchiato
4. Pleasant meander about town, stopping at the library on the way in.
5. Worked to make it two miles!

Dia de Los Muertos @ OAM