Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge 3/7

Combining CicLAvia with Coffeeneuring, what could be better?

Pics from the day, showing a good time had by all:

By three in the afternoon, starting to get a bit tired after all those miles. And what should we find at Grand Central Market? G&B coffee purveyors! Small, unassuming stand, but some great coffee. Located at the west end of the market, right off the Hill St. entrance.

Coffeeneuring 3/8 #grandcentralmarket

The barista at G&B was really kind and accommodating, filling up five ice waters for us when I asked for the direction of a fountain. Have to recommend!

Ended up covering about 13 miles over four and a half hours, ate sliders, Thrifty ice cream, great coffee, finishing the day at In N Out. Success!!!

1. G&B Coffee
2. 10/18/15
3. Macchiato
4. 12 whole miles over 4.5 hours!
5. Better look at the specifics of it:

Thanks L.A., it was a great day!!!

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