Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge 1/7

Something always got in the way previous years, but I have high expectations for this year! Week number one involved a 20 mile RT ride up to Yucaipa to the White Rabbit for some Kona blend. Yummy stuff!
Ended up being too much to drink in the middle of a ride, and had to toss half of it though :-( Better stick to espressos from now on! 2015-10-03_03-47-21

The details:
  1. White Rabbit Coffee, Yucaipa
  2. 10/3/15
  3. Kona blend coffee
  4. About 12 miles to get here. Steady climb up. Decently bike friendly. No actual racks, but plenty of railing to lean against.
  5. Stats:

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