Monday, April 8, 2013

Resist Nomads - They Should be Part of Your Future Tire Plans

Resist Nomad

I've had these tires for one week, and have put on approximately 50 miles. And so far I love them. Very plush, low rolling resistance. These are marked as 700X45C and they measure 41mm on Sun CR18 rims. I didn't weigh them, but they're not heavy. They're a touch thinner than 35mm Paselas, so probably won't wear super long. Sidewalls feel a bit delicate as Paselas can be.

Resist Nomad

I immediately had to take them on a mixed surface ride in Ventura. Front pumped up to 30psi, rear 50. Zero flats, total float the whole time! Coming down a paved section, the low pressure slowed me down a bit as they felt "squishy" and shifting weight for corner transitions was a bit unnerving. Have had the same problem with underinflated 33mm Jack Browns.  But that was only five minutes of a seven hour ride, so not a complaint on the tire.


The rest of the ride was typical Southern California fire road, and that's where these tires excelled. No flats as mentioned above, plenty of traction, very comfortable. No drama whatsoever.

wide view of the world

Coming back down the mountain on meandering asphalt felt very fast. I could tuck in and keep up with any of the other riders no problem. These definitely don't slow you down unless you want to be slow!

I saved the best part till last: These retail for less than $25!!! So if your bike can fit these, get out there and purchase a set! I'll report back after some miles have been put on, but I'm expecting good things!