Friday, May 15, 2009

Caffeinated Wheelmen Association

How's that for cool!!! Just ordered three. Here's the story from the RBW list:

"Are you a member?

So here is the story...turning the "way-back" machine to about 1996,
some friends and I were sitting over coffee after a ride and started
to recount how many times we had done this. As it turned out, it was
apparent that not only had the vast majority of our rides (bike,
motorcycle, skateboard, snowboard...) started or ended over coffee,
but many of our good friends and riding partners were met at the cafes
we were frequenting. We had a pretty good network that spanned darn
near coast to coast. An "Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen" I
blurted out while simultaneously sketching out a logo on the

Fast forward to about 6 months ago, I was digging through some piles
of artwork looking for something, and stumbled on my original sketch.
All of the patches and hats we had originally done up were long
retired, lost, or given I got in touch with some of the
original ACW's and told them I was going to mint some lapel
pins...everyone chipped in to beat the minimums.

Our whole thing was very tongue in cheek, but we wanted it to have an
"old money-secret society-unleash the hounds" type of feel to it.
Anyway after finding the iBob's / ROB's and meeting so many awesome
people and reading about the network that exists between the riders, I
thought it would be cool to expand the ACW.

It's all for fun and conversation, and really just a bit of decoration
for the bags, hats etc...but wanted to offer them up. I have @ 20-30
or so left of the lapel pins, but we can do more if interest is there.
We were also contemplating doing up some patches too?

$6/pc shipped to you. Trades for your "club" pins is good too. For
that matter no interesting trade would be turned down. Drop me line
hbclick (at)
or just paypal me there with your info!

Stay thirsty my friends....for coffee. ;)"