Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Resist Nomads - 300 miles in

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Untitled, a photo by cyclotourist on Flickr.
I reported to the internet earlier on these, and stand by my very positive initial impression. These are some great tires. Actually fantastic tires when you consider the street price they go for. If your bike can fit them, go for it! The float over sand, hook up for climbing, are incredibly supple for bump absorption without slowing you down. All good!

Well, yes, almost all good I suppose. The only downsides are potential clearance issues (they are 41mm wide on 23mm rims), excessive squishiness at low pressure, and something I never experienced before, produce increased wheel flop.

The first two negatives are pretty obvious, but the third was unexpected. It wasn't awful, just a lack of stability from the extra mass or circumference (or both!). This caused some slight handling issues that I didn't really like the feeling of. I didn't have this problem with the Ritchey Zeds of the same size, so don't know why it was pronounced with these tires. Maybe because the knobbies on the Zeds change the feel so much that wheel flop isn't even noticed?

Anyway, these are great tires, go out and buy some!


Ben Welnak said...

Feel free to share your thoughts about these and other tires, have a whole forum going on for not-really-mtn-biking-not-really-road-cycling over at http://www.ridinggravel.com/riding-gravel-forum.html .

cyclotourist said...

Thanks for the resource, Ben. Looks like my kind of people!
BTW, this is happening out here in SoCal: http://redlands-strada-rossa.blogspot.com/