Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Versatile Bicycle

I bought my Rivendell in 2001. It's officially 12 years old now and going strong. The beauty of the bike design is that it can do so many things. In less than 20 minutes, I transformed it from an fendered & racked utility bike, to a knobbie-tired trail runner.

From this:
Barnes & Noble bike parking leaves
 a lot to be desired

To this:
Mountain Bike!

My bike isn't unique in this ability, but there are a LOT of bikes that are sold that can't do it. Whether their tire clearances limit them to 28mm, or full suspension bruisers, the are purpose built. It's hard to find bikes that can get close to both. A Surly Crosscheck and Black Mountain Cycles MonsterCross are great examples, but they are pretty niche market machines.

So take a peek and see what a well-designed bike can do for you: 


Anonymous said...


Got you beat - I don't change a thing on my Atlantis. I do concede I'm usually last on the dirt bits, but let's call it the caution of age, no fault of the bike.


cyclotourist said...

That of course is the best option, isn't it! But you're only able to exercise that option as you have such a well-designed bike!