Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best Song Narratives

Okay, okay, favorite song narratives... Couldn't sleep last night, so thought this up. These are some of the best stories told in popular music. According to me, the King Of This Blog. Or at least the limited popular music I listen to. They all have a narrative, a beginning, a middle and an end (mostly).  Ranked sorta' by what I think are the best stories, but also what I like more. Feel free to add to this (biased) list!

Honorable Mention:  Until The End Of The World - U2 - Not so much a story, but a conversation between Jesus and Judas has to rank here somewhere!

8) Romeo and Juliet- Indigo Girls (I think their version rocks more than Dire Straits!). Amy Ray just belts the lyrics out and conveys a lot more emotion than Mark Knopfler's slow simmer.

7) Jeremy - Pearl Jam - Not a happy song.

6) Paul Revere - Beastie Boys - Has there been anything as good as these three guys ever?

5) Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police (try to disregard the Mardi Gras pirate attire). It's a messed up story of obsession and desire at it's best.

4) El Paso + Feleena - Marty Robbins- Such a great song cycle. Feleena is even better than El Paso, which is pretty hard to beat.

3) Red Barchetta - Rush - 1981 was a good year! This song was my gateway drug to music. Maybe not the best story on this list, but damn I still love this song!

2) Tangled Up In Blue - Robert Zimmerman - the Jerry Garcia Band version is a very close second that I almost put on, but Bob's original is just so great! This rolling & rolicking story is just amazing!

1) Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash - Can. Not. Top. Story telling at it's best!

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