Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rivendell Riders Cross Training

Believe it or not, lugged bike-loving bicycle misfits can stretch beyond their retro-grouchy stereotype to embrace other forms of two wheeled fun.
Across the bog
Four of us who know each other from the RBW world got together in San Clemente to check out some of the best coastal singletrack around. Fifteen miles with nearly 2,000 ft. of climbing kept us busy. The four of us all had 29ers of one sort or another and had a great time out in the hills.
swoopy bridges
Were able to ride Blue Chair, Holeshot, and a couple others before coming back on No Hands/No Tools trail. I knew half the trails, and Dustin the other half. The two of us together stitched a pretty good route together that took up three hours of a Wednesday afternoon. Don't know of any better way to spend the day!
Clearing it!
My legs were shot at the end of the day, but brain was stoked on happy endorphins!

(above from Mike's photos from the day)

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