Friday, January 1, 2010


Wishing you and your's a Merry New Year!

And remember, friends don't like friends vote Republican.

Happy New Year Everybody!


Anonymous said...

Hey, a bit late but happy new year to you too! Thanks for posting this remix. Haven't heard or seen it since back in them days. I clearly remember watching a interview on Måndagsbörsen, a pop-program on Swedish TV with U2 broadcast from the restaurant in Kaknästornet, the tv-tower in Stockholm. They had just been shooting this video up in the the deep forest of Jämtland and looked like a bunch of red nosed kids. It was a strong winter and they were at the time a unknown band and on a small budget. So they got Swedish army clothes from a surplus shop and rented a couple of horses and did it the recording in one day. I did my service in a similar outfit five years later, oh my! Rubber side down/Pete

cyclotourist said...

Pete, great memories, thanks for the comment. And for the record, they were a bunch of red-nosed kids!

My "U2 moment" was in the spring of '87 when they were recording the video for Where the Streets Have No Name in L.A. I hopped in my car and drove out as quick as I could... but by the time I got even 1/2 way there it was shut down... So close to fame! :-)

Happy 2010 to you and yours!